Graves Brothers

Joe first entered the world of music by taking spanish guitar and music theory lessons at age 8. He continued studying electric guitar through his teen years after discovering his love for rock music. He then went on to Leeds music college where he studied the arts of both music performance and technology.

In their teens, Sam and Joe founded the successful metal band ‘With One Last Breath’ where they toured the UK and Europe with world famous bands and performed at iconic music events such as DOWNLOAD Festival and the KERRANG! awards.

Sam spent 2 years travelling across America with headlining act, Asking Alexandria on the 2014 Mayhem tour and 2015 Warped tour whilst co-wrting and recording their 2015 studio album 'The Black'. In 2016 he stood in for lead guitarist Ben Bruce on their UK/European Open air festival run. The tour included appearances at prestigeous festivals such as Leeds & Reading, Summer Breeze and Elbriot.

Since opening their studios, The Graves Brothers have worked with hundreds of musicians giving them over a collective decade of experience which has lead them to become masters of their trade.

Great Experiences

Sam - Dearly Departed by The Family Ruin

This was a big turning point in my career because this was the first project that an American record label ever hired us to produce. The band are close friends of ours so it was great to be a part of their quickly aquired success.

Joe - The Renegades by Yashin

Working on this album was very special to me because I had been a long time fan of the band prior to them chosing to work with us. This was also the first album that we were to produce for a major record label (SONY).

Examples of our work

Asking Alexandria - The Black

Sam co-wrote and recorded this song with the band over in Detroit, Michigan in 2015. This song required extremely modern methods of engineering to achieve ultimate precision that metal music thrives on.

Yorkshire Rats - Alone Together

The band were aiming for an extremely authentic old school rock vibe so we took the approach of using real amps, drums and avoiding any modern tampering such as auto-tune and time alignment.

Violet Contours - Electric Bodies

This song required the perfect balance of natural tones and polished production. Working with an Indie band was the perfect opportunity to feature a lot of tape emulations and saturation to create a larger than life sound!